Black Knight

Unauthorised Biography of Ritchie Blackmore

by Jerry Bloom

Omnibus Press / ISBN 1-84609-266-3 / Released: September 4, 2006

Dubbed the 'man in black', guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore found fame with Seventies rock giants, Deep Purple, then walked away from them to create Rainbow, only to abandon them and form another band in 1997 - Blackmore's Night.

Read how he handed his resignation in the middle of Deep Purple's 25th anniversary tour. This book shows how during his career, he became involved with Lord Sutch, Joe Meek, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis, Freddie Starr and Tom Jones. It talks about his love/hate relationship with Deep Purple's lead singer, Ian Gillan, his moodiness, antics on and off stage, his reputation as a 'hire and fire' merchant, his three marriages, police chases, imprisonment and passion for football

Jerry Bloom (known from the More Black Than Purple magazine) has written a fascinating, excellent unauthorised Biography on The Man In Black; Ritchie Blackmore. Jerry located many names who were involved with Ritchie Blackmore in the past and came up with many exclusive stories and details. It gives so much more insight of Ritchie's pre-Deep Purple period in the 60's, much more than ever has been written down.

But also the Purple and Rainbow years will reveal many more new stories in this book. Some rare 60's pics are included but the printing quality of the pics is a bit poor. Anyway great read and a must buy for every Ritchie Blackmore fan. I only think Ritchie himself and Carole Stevens won't be too happy about it...

Rating: ***** (5 out of 5, almost would give it 6 out of 5, it's just that good)