Ritchie Blackmore

A closer look at some of Ritchie Blackmore's favorite pickups from the past

Hornby-Skewes Treble Booster

The famous Hornby-Skewes Treble Booster, used by Ritchie Blackmore. Originally the booster was part of the "ZONK Machine Set", a set of two stompboxes: a Booster and a Fuzz. Ritchie Blackmore only played the booster, same with Martin Barre & Andy Scott. The fuzz box was a very close clone of the Maestro FZ-1A (well-known because of the sound of "Satisfaction" from the Rolling Stones), not very popular at this time, but at least you can hear it on some songs from Mark Bolan (T. Rex), eg. on the pretty cool "Electric Warrior" album from 1971.