Richard Galbraith
Photographer for "Down To Earth" Innersleeve

UGO: I understand you were friendly with Ronnie James Dio. Care to share a cool memory/story or two?

Richard Galbraith: Yes, met Ronnie and the guys in '78. Did three shows, and the first night I was in the pit under Ritchie when he smashed his guitar, so I took a direct hit from the flying head stock which gave me a nice cut. I guess I was looking a bit pale when I met with the band after the show, so may have helped a little with getting to hang out.

The next night in Oklahoma City, we were at the bar after the show and I was just 21. The bartender gave me a hard time, so I had to run back to the car and get my ID, kind of pissed Ronnie off that the guy was giving me a hard time. Ronnie also had a chipped glass, so kind of got back onto the guy over that. Ronnie, Ritchie, and Bob all got a few photos from me, and I told them they could use them if they wanted for any projects.

After buying the Holy Diver LP, I saw three of my shots on the montage inner sleeve, which was cool. And then when I bought Rainbow's Down To Earth, I thought I saw my B&W shot of Ritchie, so had to find the negative and took it out into the darkroom to confirm the shot was a perfect match. So was very nice to have photos on a few record albums back then.

Quote taken from UGO Interview

Later on you photographed Rainbow and other related groups, can you share a few memories from those days good and bad?

- Rainbow 1978, I was star struck - finally got to see one of my longtime favorite guitar players. I remember the show in Tulsa Oklahoma, I was in the pit and just below Ritchie when he was smashing the prop guitar, the head stock came down and hit me in the head. A bit of blood but I kept shooting. I did get the neck section of the guitar. After the show I was able to meet up with the band and get my LP signed.

The next day was in Oklahoma City, I was just 21 so got to hang in the bar with the guys. I remember the bar guy giving me a hard time and having to leave to get my ID from the car. At some point Ronnie got onto the guy, I remember there was a chip in Ronnie’s glass and he was giving the bartender or manager hell. So it was kind of cool to have Ronnie taking up for me.

A week or so later I did another show in Shreveport, it was a lot smaller place, I remember we followed the limo down from Tulsa Okla. At some point I gave REO's road manager (Andy Green) a ride to the motel. I remember somewhere on the tour that Ritchie got a bit pissed at him for turning on the lights early. I remember on that tour and depending on the part of the USA, Rainbow would open some and then headline some.

Ronnie, Ritchie and Bob Daisley all bought pictures from me, I think I sold them for around $3 each just to break even. I gave them permission to use them for whatever they wanted. Later I saw one of the B&W pictures on Rainbows "Down To Earth" LP sleeve and 3 of Ronnie on his "Holy Diver" LP sleeve, a montage of many shots, just no credits. Ronnie took down my info and mentioned maybe shooting some on the next tour, but as luck would have it he left Rainbow after that tour. I had Bobs address so wrote a time or two and met up again later on an Ozzy tour. But that Rainbow tour was a highlight, I talked with Cozy also, great person and was very sorry to hear when he passed away years later.

Quote taken from Atlantis Online Interview by Mike Eriksson

Photos © Richard Galbraith

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