Rainbow Songs on Tribute Albums


Man On The Silver Mountain
Tarot Woman
I Surrender
Do You Close Your Eyes
Eyes Of The World
Maybe Next Time (Instrumental)
Sensitve To Light
Spotlight Kid
Can't Happen Here
Stone Cold
Death Alley Driver
Street Of Dreams
Still I'm Sad (Instrumental)
Rainbow Eyes (Instrumental)

Japanese release featuring Japanese rocker's covering classic Rainbow tunes, including Lazy's Hironobu Kageyama, Minoru Niihara (ex-Loudness, Sly), Atsushi Yokozeki, Shi-Ja and Keiko Terada (ex-Show Ya).

Volume 2 from the series produced by Munataka Higuchi, a super drummer. This volume is a tribute to Rainbow. Awesome guest performers include Funky Sueyoshi, Hatake, Keiko Terada, LEVIN (La'cryma Christi), SHUSE (La'cryma Christi), Maya (Luna Sea) and others (31 artists in total).

Volume 1 is a Led Zeppelin Tribute.
Releasedate 30 June 1999

OK, I just got this CD called SUPER ROCK SUMMIT - RAINBOW EYES. This is a Tribute to Rainbow. Now I have the Catch the Rainbow CD and I think that it is great, but this CD - Wow, what a song selection. This is a tribute by Japanese artists, who's vocals sometimes miss the mark, but whose music is PERFECT --- and I mean PERECT. Here goes my review, track by track:

MOTSM - starts out really strange, with a whispered opening verse, but just as soon as you think oh no what have I bought --- BLAM. This is the BEST cover version of MOTSM I have heard. Vocally, it is the best track, and music wise it is the only version that I have heard in the slow tempo of the original. Don't worry it is VERY heavy. I think the slow nature makes it sound heavier, but what a fantastic version.

TAROT WOMAN - Worth the price of the CD. Unreal musicianship and performance. EXACT duplicate of the original, but... I wish the guy who sung MOTSM sang this one. The vocals almost ruin the song, but after a few listens he sounds OK, sort of like how an OK girl looks great after a few beers. Just the same, the music, especially the keyboard intro is awesome!!!

I SURRENDER - Good version, heard better. Nothing stands out here, never really got into the song to begin with. After the first 2 songs this is a let down.

DO YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES - EXCELLENT!!!! I thought what a great song to do, and it is performed perfectly again. Good vocal and music. Really heavy and not sped up - done at its original pace.

EYES OF THE WORLD - OK version of an excellent song. A better version is on the Niji Denitsu tribute. Nothing stands out here, but it is a solid cut!!

MAYBE NEXT TIME - Cool…sounds like Ritchie. Done very well.

SENSITIVE TO LIGHT - EXCELLENT - Oh man I love the Dio era stuff on this CD. A very heavy perfectly done version again. I have no idea who does these songs (names are in Japanese) but they play the Dio stuff with such respect and passion. Great track selection too... now all I need to hear is a version of THE SHED!!!!

SPOTLIGHT KID - OK, better than the original. I am serious. This is heavier and technically, played better than any version, including the original. Why NO Rainbow keyboard player ever played the keyboard solo like this is unbeknownst to me. All the live versions I have heard just sounds terrible (keyboard part that is). The intro is executed perfectly as well... wish Ritchie would have played it live with the original intro. I usually listen to this twice in a row!!! Good solid vox.

CAN'T HAPPEN HERE - Yuck!!! I hate this song too. Sounds like a woman singing... no offense, but a female voice does not cut it on a Rainbow song or on the Dio tribute either (Doro). SKIP!!!!

STONE COLD - I always liked this song. Don't know why, but I always have, and since everyone ships this on tributes it was nice to hear. Done really well and true to the original, but is the worst sounding (production wise) on the CD. Sounds very "tinny."

DEATH ALLEY DRIVER - YEAH!!!!! Excellent!! Finally someone does it…Whoa hooo!! GREAT and FAST!!!

STREET OF DREAMS - Good version, but nothing stands out.

STILL I'M SAD - Instrumental version. True to the Rainbow original, but has a drum solo that is king of boring.

Rainbow Eyes - INSTRUMENTAL - why bother with no lyrics.

All in all an 8/10. Like I said, Tarot Woman and MOTSM make the CD for me. Spotlight Kid is the best version going, and the rarely covered Dio era material make it essential for anyone who loves Dio/Rainbow.

Can be purchased at Lost Horizons. Japanese only and pricy. If anyone can read Japanese and has this CD, I'd love to find out who all the performers are and from what bands they are from.



Kill The King
War Pigs
Still I'm Sad
Higuchi's Drums Solo 1998
Long Live Rock'n'roll
A Light In The Black
All Night Long

Japanese-only release featuring the highlights of a sole tribute concert to the late great rock drummer by Japan's top names in hard rock & metal: Akira Takasaki (guitar), Masayoshi Yamashita (bass), Minoru Niihara (vocal), Munetaka Higuchi (drums), Yuichi Ikusawa (vocal), Rei Atsumi (keyboard), Keiko Terada (guest vocal), Hideki Samejima (guest bass).

Includes covers of Rainbow and Black Sabbath tracks. The full title is 'Super Rock Summit - Cozy Powell Forever Tour Live In Tokyo'. Produced by Munetaka Higuchi. Recorded at On Air East November 16, 1998. A 1999 Ayers release.

Cozy Powell Tribute Album
Victor Entertainment Inc. VICP-60487

Kill The King
Slide It In
Headless Cross
Gates Of Babylon
Definitely Maybe
On And On
El Sid
Ouverture Solonnelle "1812"
The Messiah Will Come Again

Japanese musicians including drummer Hirotsugu Homma who wrote on his website: "April 5, 1998 will be a day that I will always remember. My favorite drummer Cozy Powell was killed in a car accident. When I heard the news I was so sad that I started to cry. I called up Naoto immediately and started to make plans for a tribute album in Cozy's honor. It was great to see how many people Cozy's playing had touched because everybody was into it. The album was called "Rest In Peace/Thanks To Cozy", it was released in September on Victor Entertainment 1998" (Japanese-only release).

Cozy Powell Tribute Album
Phantom EAR-001

Over The Top
Lost In Hollywood
The Score
Kill The King
Theme One
Ice Cream Cakes
All Night Long
Since You Been Gone
Slide It In
Armed And Ready
The Loner

Japanese-only release 1998. A tribute to consumate drummer Cozy Powell, who has played in some of the most influencial bands in the history of rock. It's an interesting tribute in that most of the musicians are made up of Loudness or Sly members. With the exception of bassist Tony Franklin and drummer Carmine Appice, most of the musicians are Japanese as well. The musicianship on this album is awesome! Musicians include Minuro Niihara (Loudness/Sly) vocal style, I found it odd hearing him sing such classics as "Stargazer" and "Kill the King".

Sly drummer Munetaka Higuchi pulls off a nice drum solo at the end of "Over the Top." The guitar work througout the disc is striking as well. Both Shinihiro Ishihara (Sly) and Akira Takasaki (Loudness) pull off some shredding guitar solos. The tracks being covered were originally recorded by an number of different artists including Emerson, Lake and Powell, Rainbow, Micheal Schenker Group, Jeff Beck and Whitesnake.

Dedicated to Cozy Powell
King Records KICS-1076

Tarot Woman
The Law Maker
Slide It In
On And On
The Score
Danger Zone
Love Ain't No Stranger
Got The Feeling
Lady Of The Lake
Looking For Love

An album dedicated to drummer Cozy Powell. Includes covers of Rainbow and Whitesnake songs, and more. Featured artists include Katsutoshi 'Cozy' Murakami (ex-Blindman), Takenori Shimoyama, Norifumi Shima, Naoto Shibata (Anthem) and members of Dead End, Sixride, Blindman, Marino and Onmyo-Za. Release Date: April 7, 2004


Don't Talk To Strangers
Kill The King
Children Of The Sea
Sign Of The Southern Cross
Rainbow Eyes
Long Live Rock'n'roll
Country Girl
Gates Of Babylon
We Rock
Man On The Silver Mountain
Holy Diver
Kill The King
Still I'm Sad
Heaven And Hell
Neon Knights
Shame On The Night
The Last In Line
Temple Of The King

Double disc tribute to the former vocalist for Elf, Rainbow & Black Sabbath. Contains covers of 19 of the best known musical incantations he conjured up with those three groups, as well as his own melodic spells, as interpreted by many of the world's greatest metal and dark metal acts. Double slimline jewel case. 1999 Release.

This double–disc set from Century Media is, in my opinion, one of the finest tribute albums to come down the pipe. These are real cover versions by real metal bands who love Dio just like you and I. Consequently, you won't find any modern versions of these Dio classics, just 19 flat–out rockers and awesome ballads that stay true to the spirit of the originals.

With so many great bands on this tribute, it's hard for me to pick favorites, but a few tracks manage to rise above the others. Blind Guardian, Primal Fear, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, and Stratovarius all deliver strong power–metal renditions, much as you'd expect.

I particularly enjoy Hammerfall's "Man On The Silver Mountain," since that's one of my all–time favorite Dio tracks. Fates Warning delivers an awesome version of "Sign Of The Southern Cross" off Black Sabbath's "Mob Rules," and Grave Digger's "We Rock" is even more jacked than the original.

But if I had to pick a favorite, I just might choose Solitude Aeturnus' spellbinding treatment of "Shame On The Night" from Dio's classic "Holy Diver" disc. I'd never heard this band before, but after hearing this track I'm gonna have to grab some of their stuff.

Also of note is Doro's beautiful "Egypt (The Chains Are On)," which just completely rules. If anyone on this album has a voice to rival Dio's, it's Doro.

Also of note are the fantastic liner notes. Each song features a few sentences from the artist, explaining their love for Dio and why they picked this particular track. All in all, "Holy Dio" is a phenomenal tribute disc that all Dio fans should listen to.

Don't Talk To Strangers - Blind Guardian
Kill The King - Primal Fear
Egypt - Doro
Children Of The Sea - Jag Panzer
Sign Of The Southern Cross - Fates Warning
Rainbow Eyes - Catch The Rainbow
Long Live Rock'n'roll - Gamma Ray
Country Girl - Swino/Tagtgren
Gates Of Babylon - Yngwie Malmsteen
We Rock - Grave Digger
Man On The Silver Mountain - Hammerfall
Holy Diver - Holy Mother
Kill The King - Stratovarious
Still I'm Sad - Axel Rudi Pell
Heaven And Hell - Enola Gay
Neon Knights - Steel Prophet
Shame On The Night - Solitude Aeturnus
The Last In Line - Destiny's End
Temple Of The King - Angel Dust

Joel Ansier, Open Up And Say

Magic Circle Music 2010

Heaven And Hell
Holy Diver
The Last In Line
Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
I Speed At Night
A Light In The Black
Never More
Far Beyond
Straight Through The Heart
Catch The Rainbow

MANOWAR and Magic Circle Entertainment have decided to honor one of metal's greatest legends with "Magic - A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio", a new CD featuring Magic Circle Music artists and friends performing some of Dio's most inspired work.

"Magic - A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio" is especially poignant because Dio hails from the same fertile upstate New York soil as MANOWAR.

"Heavy metal has lost a great artist and a true gentleman," says MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio. "I had the privilege of being his friend and, along with other friends and admirers, we wish to honor him."

MANOWAR contributes a powerful rendition of the BLACK SABBATH song "Heaven And Hell". JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR and the MAGIC CIRCLE ALL STAR BAND (with Shmoulik Avigal and Joe Stump) contribute the classics "Catch The Rainbow" and "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" and Ronnie's cousin and former ELF guitarist David "Rock" Feinstein delivers a song inspired and written for Dio titled "Far Beyond". The album is rounded out by several tenacious, up-and-coming bands, such as female-fronted HOLYHELL, featuring the voice of Maria Breon (called by many "the female Dio") as well as METALFORCE, AWAKEN and CROSSWIND, all of whom embrace Dio's legacy in their own inspired interpretations of his songs on "Magic".

In tribute to Dio's legacy, famous fantasy painter and illustrator Ken Kelly, the man behind many of heavy metal's most classic album covers (including some by MANOWAR) has reworked his iconic RAINBOW "Rising" artwork for "Magic".

"Magic - A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio" is from the hearts of these musicians. It is not only their privilege, but also their duty, to honor Ronnie by singing his praises while singing his songs.

"Magic - A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio" has been released in 2010 on Magic Circle Music's online store Kingdom of Steel on June 18, in Germany on July 16, in the U.S. and Canada on July 20 and further international territories in the forthcoming weeks.

Manowar - Heaven And Hell
HolyHell - Holy Diver (Live in Norway)
Metalforce - The Last In Line
Magic Circle All Star Band - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
Awaken - I Speed At Night
Crosswind - A Light In The Black
Dean Cascione - Never More
Feinstein - Far Beyond
Harlet - Straight Through The Heart
Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Catch The Rainbow

Ronnie James Dio
This Is Your Life
Rhino 2014

Neon Knights
The Last In Line
The Mob Rules
Rainbow In The Dark
Straight Through The Heart
Temple Of The King
Egypt (The Chains Are On)
Holy Diver
Catch the Rainbow
Man On The Silver Mountain
Ronnie Rising Medley
This Is Your Life

Ronnie James Dio is one of the most beloved figures in rock history. His gifts, both as a singer and songwriter, are instantly recognizable, whether he was with Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, or leading Dio. Sadly, Dio lost his battle with stomach cancer in 2010 but his towering voice and legacy live on.

To celebrate one of rock’s most powerful voices, an all-star group of his friends and fans recorded 13 of their favorite tracks for Ronnie James Dio - This Is Your Life. The album that will raise funds for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. Produced by his longtime manager and wife Wendy Dio, the album includes contributions by such metal heavyweights as Metallica, Motörhead, Scorpions, Anthrax, and Rob Halford, as well as appearances by many of the musicians who performed with Dio over the years.

With 9 brand new recordings from a star-studded group of artists, this album is a fitting tribute to the legend that is Ronnie James Dio.

Neon Knights – Anthrax
The Last In Line – Tenacious D
The Mob Rules – Adrenaline Mob
Rainbow In The Dark – Corey Taylor, Roy Mayorga, Satchel, Christian Martucci, Jason Christopher
Straight Through The Heart – Halestorm
Starstruck – Motörhead with Biff of Saxon
Temple Of The King – Scorpions
Egypt (The Chains Are On) – Doro
Holy Diver – Killswitch Engage
Catch the Rainbow – Glenn Hughes, Simon Wright, Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Scott Warren
I – Jimmy Bain, Oni Logan, Rowan Robertson, Brian Tichy
Man On The Silver Mountain – Rob Halford, Vinny Appice, Doug Aldrich, Jeff Pilson, Scott Warren
Ronnie Rising Medley – Metallica
This Is Your Life – Dio

A Light in the Black
A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio
Massacre Records 2015

Sacred Heart Kill the King
Evil Eyes
Heavy Metal Will Never Die
I Could Have Been a Dreamer
King of Rock and Roll
One Night in the City
Neon Knights
Stand Up and Shout
Light in the Black
Don't Talk to Strangers
The Sign of the Southern Cross
Hungry for Heaven
The Last in Line
Time Machine
Kill the King
Holy Diver
Caught in the Middle

A Light in the Black is a two-disk, 20-track tribute album honoring the late Ronnie James Dio, with cuts selected from his days in Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (later Rainbow), Black Sabbath, and, of course, Dio. Among the bands who cover songs on the venerated singer’s retrospective are Crystal Ball, MessengeR, Gun Barrel, Gloryful, The Order, Metal Inquisitor, Circle of Silence, Burden of Grief, Love Might Kill, Rebellion, Iron Fate, and Wizard—all of whom are on the Massacre Records label.

Germany’s power metallers, MessengeR, cover “Kill the King” and “Don’t Talk to Strangers”. Iron Fate contributes a searing version of “Light in the Black”, sounding like the inspired rock and roll fusion Dio and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore used to share together in Rainbow.

Disc: 1
1. Sacred Heart - Crystal Ball
2. Kill the King - Messenger
3. Evil Eyes - Gun Barrel
4. Heavy Metal Will Never Die - Gloryful
5. I Could Have Been a Dreamer - The Order
6. King of Rock and Roll - Metal Inquisitor
7. One Night in the City - Circle of Silence
8. Neon Knights - Burden of Grief
9. Stand Up and Shout - Love. Might. Kill
10. I - Rebellion

Disc: 2
1. Light in the Black - Iron Fate
2. Don't Talk to Strangers - Messenger
3. The Sign of the Southern Cross - Crystal Ball
4. Hungry for Heaven - Love. Might. Kill
5. The Last in Line - The Order
6. Voodoo - Gun Barrel
7. Time Machine - Circle of Silence
8. Kill the King - Rebellion
9. Holy Diver - Gloryful
10. Caught in the Middle - Wizard

The Ronnie James Dio Tribute Album
Paul Kaiser and Friends
Kaiser and the Machines of Creation 2015

Man on the Silver Mountain
Neon Knights
Last in Line
Heaven and Hell
Gates of Babylon
Kill the King
Love is All

Guitarplayer Paul Kaiser from Adelaide, Australia with Friends.

Paul Kaiser - All guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Drums programming and some harmony vocals
Including special guest John Owens on Bass on marked tracks (*)

The vocalists are:
Craig MacDonald - Man on the Silver Mountain*
Amanda Ozolins - Neon Knights
Darren Pretty - Heaven and Hell
Danny Lopresto - Gates of Babylon*
Joe Bikic - Last in Line
David Crompton - Kill the King*

Andrea Braido Band
Live in Hard!
Videoradio, Italy 2015

1. Picture of Home
2. Spotlight Kid
3. Soldier of Fortune
4. Lady Double Dealer
5. Space Trucking
6. Black Night
7. Highway Star
8. Lazy
9. Smoke on the Water
10. Stormbringer
11. Demon's Eye
12. Blues/Startruck

Andrea Braido Band plays Deep Purple & Rainbow - Live in Hard!
Taken from a live concert in Hard (Austria) in December 2014.

One of the main guitar influences of Andrea Braido in addition to Hendrix is certainly Ritchie Blackmore who in this cd pays homage to several songs. The line-up is in quintet with drums / bass / organ / guitar / solo voice. Recorded live at the Kammgarn in Hard in Austria on 29/12/2014 and without overdubs!

Among the most successful songs “Soldier Of Fortune / Lady Double Dealer / Stormbringer / Picture Of Home / Blues-Startrucks and others! Note the vocal performances of Andrea Ranfagni and those of Silver at the Hammond organ, even if the whole band does its duty!

This CD contains a lot of "guitar playing" by Braido which in addition to paying homage to Deep & Rainbow puts many of its different characteristics and influences! For those who love classy Hard Rock and the warmth of Live!

A Tribute To Ronnie J. Dio
Elves, Rainbows And Crosses. Volume 1
Leyenda Records 2016, Spain – LYR B 048 CD

We Rock
Sacred Heart
Rainbow In The Dark
I Speed At Night
Sunset Superman
Neon Knights
Night People
Hungry For Heaven
Catch The Rainbow
Die Young
Gates Of Babylon
Jesus, Mary And The Holy Host
Man On The Silver Mountain
The Last In Line
Killing The Dragon

Spanish release with the collaboration of some musicians different from his bands, if Silver Solorzano (Silver Fist) with Black Shark Lapi former teammate in Muro, Ramon Lage (Avalanch) with the Adgar Cantabrians, or Manuel Escudero (Sacramento) with mythical Mosque.

Even a completely new formation created for the occasion by suggestion Alfonso gathering under the name Draco Ignis appears some of his favorite musicians, guitarist Tony Hernando (Lords Of Black), drummer Dani Pérez (Saratoga), bassist Luisma Hernandez (Santelmo), keyboardist Ruben Casas (Opera Magna) and singer Fery Fernandez (horn).

Saratoga - We Rock
Draco Ignis - Sacred Heart
Santelmo - Rainbow In The Dark
Black Shark - I Speed At Night
Adgar - Sunset Superman
Avulsed - Neon Knights
Hybris - Night People
Metropolis VI - Hungry For Heaven
Manzano - Catch The Rainbow
Dragonfly - Die Young
Mezquita - Gates Of Babylon
Gauntlet - Jesus, Mary And The Holy Host
Panzer - Man On The Silver Mountain
Sphinx - The Last In Line
Vendaval - Killing The Dragon

Rock'n'Roll Children - The Chronicles
A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio
Greece 2017

Straight Through The Heart
A Light In The Black
Lady Of The Lake
Catch The Rainbow
Over And Over
Country Girl
Shame On The Night
Rainbow In The Dark
If You Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll
Still I'm Sad
The Mob Rules
Heaven And Hell

This CD accompanied Metal Hammer & Heavy Metal issue No. 389, in cardsleeve.
Live recordings from Rock In Dio at Kyttaro Club 2012, 2014 & 2015.

Bass – John Luna Tsimas
Drums – Nikos Anastasiadis
Guitar – Manolis Tsigkos
Keyboards – George Georgiou (2)
Vocals – Yiannis Papanikolaou
Vocals – Evita Mitsopoulou (3)
Vocals – Fofi Roussos (7)
Vocals – Vicky Bee (9)
Drums – Sakis Tolis (8)
Keyboards – Bob Katsionis (8)
Guitar – Gus DraxVocals – George Stavropoulos (12)

Rock'n'Roll Children
A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio

We Rock
Neon Knights
Don't Talk to Strangers
Holy Diver
Stand up and Shout
Sacred Heart
Heaven and Hell
Kill the King
Rainbow in the Dark
Killing the Dragon
Long Live Rock'n'Roll
Rock'n'Roll Children

ROCK 'N' ROLL CHILDREN (a Tribute to Ronnie James DIO) is a tribute album made by members and guests from italian bands SHADOWS OF STEEL, ARCA HADIAN, LABYRINTH, MINDLIGHT... track list includes songs from DIO solo career, and from RAINBOW and BLACK SABBATH years.

DIO Appreciation Society Sweden
Legacy - A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio

Long Live Rock N Roll
Rainbow In The Dark
Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Straight Through The Heart
Caught In The Middle
Children Of The Sea
Jesus, Mary & The Holy Ghost
Like The Beat Of A Heart
Hungry For Heaven

A tribute album to legendary singer Ronnie James Dio made by Swedish metal musicians. This collection was originally intended to be released on CD on the five-year remembrance day of the legendary singer's passing in 2015, but a lot of small and big things got in the way. Finally released in 2020.

"Legacy - A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio" features the bands Madison, Memory Garden, Tad Morose, Gormathon, Trail Of Murder, Frontback, Soulshine and Sven Holger Rosenvinge plus guest appearances from Mats Levén (Candlemass, ex Yngwie Malmsteen, Krux), Mike Wead (King Diamond, bibleblack, Hexenhaus), Simon Johansson (Wolf, Memory Garden, bibleblack), Anders Modd (Wolf, ex Tad Morose), Tom Björn (Nightingale, Memory Garden), Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall, The Poodles), Jonny Lindkvist (Nocturnal Rites, Gathering Of Kings), Hans Birger (Fatal Smile, Mindsplit), Martin Knutar (Divine Sin, Macabre Decay) and Andreas "Bagge" Baglien (Divine Sin, Wolverine).

Frontback - Long Live Rock N Roll
Trail Of Murder (ft. Jonny Lindkvist) - Rainbow In The Dark
Memory Garden - Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Tad Morose - Straight Through The Heart
Dio Appreciation Society Sweden - Caught In The Middle
Madison - Children Of The Sea
Gormathon - Jesus, Mary & The Holy Ghost
Ephemeral Pleasure - Like The Beat Of A Heart
Sven Holger Rosenvinge - I
Soulshine - Hungry For Heaven

Paul Gilbert
The Dio Album
Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group 2023

Neon Knights
Kill The King
Stand Up And Shout
Country Girl
Man On The Silver Mountain
Holy Diver
Heaven And Hell
Long Live Rock'n'Roll
Lady Evil
Don’t Talk To Strangers
The Last In Line

Paul Gilbert has announced The Dio Album – a fully fledged Ronnie James Dio tribute album, which will be released to honor the legacy of the late heavy metal great.

Covering multiple eras of Dio’s legendary career – from his Rainbow and Black Sabbath days all the way to his solo work – over the course of 12 tracks, The Dio Album is set to arrive April 7, 2023 via Mascot Label Group.

A Dio tribute album from Gilbert comes as pretty big surprise, given that Gilbert’s own melting pot of fusion styles, both with his groups Mr. Big and Racer X and his own solo material, is a drastic contrast to the music that Dio championed and is remembered for.

Gilbert is no stranger to instrumental music, but an entire album dedicated to replicating well established and world-famous vocal melodies on his trusty six-string genuinely felt like new territory. It would be fair to say human voices don't come much more magical than Ronnie James Dio's. Taking on the daunting challenge of mimicking those distinguished vocal lines down to a tee — each legendary performance decorated with its own idiosyncrasies and nuances — actually involved unlearning some of the technical precision that turned Gilbert into a household name for guitar players in the first place.