RavenBlack Project
Breaking Through The Mist


01. My New Revelations
02. The Faithless and the Dreamer
03. One-Night Stand
04. Redemption Blaze
05. The Ancestral Call
06. The Road to Hell Paso
07. Wasting Memories
08. Your Load of Lies
09. Lullaby for a Wolf

Line up:

Riccardo Bacchi - Guitar
Doogie White Vocals (track 3 & 5)
Amanda Somerville Vocals
Andre Matos Vocals
Giacomo Voli Vocals
Jon Oliva Vocals
James Christian Vocals
Mark Boals Vocals
Franco Campanella Vocals
Alberto Bollati - Bass

Record Label / Year of Release:



RavenBlack Project is the musical creature by the Italian guitarist Riccardo Bacchi. Completely produced by himself, from the songwriting to the artwork concept.

Doogie White sings on "One-Night Stand" and together with Amanda Somerville a duet called "The Ancestral Call". This duet will be released as the thrid single on February 15, 2015.

Everything started back in 2007 when I was asked to write an original Deep Purple-ish song for a Ritchie Blackmore tribute album promoted by the Norwegian Blackmore's Night fan club. I've run the Italian Blackmore's Night fan club since 2001, and that was a request coming from Ole Svela, a colleague and friend of the "Blackmore Family" from Norway. That was the spark that set the fire to all. I didn't have a real band at the time, so I took the chance to do my best by contacting my favourite professional musicians. I called the best sessionmen I found in my telephone book, each one a friend of mine, to record the tune in the studio and quickly "Redemption Blaze", the first RavenBlack Project song, was ready and the Blackmore tribute cd was out. The inspiration coming from that experience turned into a stream of consciousness in flood... soon lot of songs were composed, musician friends were called back to the studio to work on my ideas, and the material took the shape of a whole album.

Since all the musicians who joined my project were the best I ever knew, why not ask my favourite singers too? What a challenge...

In October 2008 Andre Matos was touring Italy and had a gig in a venue near my hometown. We met after the show, I asked him if he was available to record a song of mine... without having too much expectations about it, actually. Incredibly kind and professional man, he answered he would consider doing so if my song were his cup of tea.

It was... Andre Matos was the first great special guest to believe in me, and I can never thank him enough for that. After him, many other outstanding guest singers joined RavenBlack Project. Month after month, my idols of the music I grew up with recorded my tunes. An operation of infinite, titanic proportions I pushed through all on my own, from the songwriting through the artwork concept. It took a lot of time and resources, but it was worth every single second I spent on it.

Now RavenBlack Project, the outcome of all those efforts, is going to break through the mist of time.