Renaissance Rock Orchestra
A Song Of Hope


1. In My Lovin' Arms
2. Here We Are Again
3. Circus Life
4. The Universal Dance
5. A Song of Hope

Line up:

Michael James Romeo Guitar
Toni Aleman Guitar
Christian Brady Guitar
Mark Robert Boals - Vocals
Brian Tichy - Drums
Greg Smith - Bass
Gregg Fox - Keyboards

Record Label / Year of Release:

Gregg Fox Music 2021


Keyboardist Gregg Fox is the creator, composer and keyboardist for The Renaissance Rock Orchestra.

RRO delivers melodic, technically brilliant, and dynamic music that takes you through time and space for a musical experience beyond mere imagination. With influences from bands such as Yes, Dream Theater, Symphony X and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, RRO has created a powerful symphonic-rock sound, combining elements from the classical, prog and metal elite forging them into their own shimmering blade of sonic metal.