Stardust Reverie
Proclamation of Shadows


1. Welcome to the Show
2. Imagining Confucius
3. Wuthering Heights (pt 1)
4. All the Secrets of the Dark
5. Bring Me the Hat of the Wizard from the West
6. The Way of Wondering
7. 410 Chelsea Street
8. Wuthering Heights (pt 2: Resemblance)
9. Silver Bullet
10. A Christmas Carol
11. A Twist for Ian

Line up:

Graham Bonnet - vocals (track 2)
Doogie White - vocals (track 5 & 7)
Lynn Meredith - vocals
Zuberoa Aznarez - vocals
Zak Stevens - vocals
Edu Falaschi - vocals
Randy Crowley - guitar
Bill Hudson - guitar
Marc Pattison - guitar
Conrado Pesinato - guitar

Record Label / Year of Release:

Foque 2015


Stardust Reverie AKA Stardust Reverie Project is a symphonic metal band that features the talents of Graham Bonnet, Zak Stevens, Lynn Meredith, Melissa Ferlaak, Bill Hudson and Zuberoa Aznarez. Their first album "Ancient Rites of the Moon" was considered by some media a "Heavy Metal Extravaganza" and was a huge success in Singapore, Brazil, Corea, Japan and Argentina.

Edu Falaschi, Jonas Hansson and Doogie White have joined to the project and they are currently recording the new album that should be released in 2015.