1. Cradle To The Grave
2. Afterlife
3. We Won't Be Forgotten
4. Breaking The Chains
5. Over And Over
6. Hard Feelings
7. Baby You're The Blood
8. Sex Crime
9. Love From The Ashes
10. All Night Long

Line up:

Graham Bonnet - Vocals
Bob Kulick - Guitars
Chuck Wright - Bass
Frankie Banali - Drums
Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards
Bruce Kulick - Guitars (on 5)
Steve Plunkett - Background Vocals
Stella Stevens - Background Vocals
Astrid Young - Background Vocals
Paul Rodriguez - Background Vocals

Record Label / Year of Release:

CMC International / Music For Nations / Polydor 1993


If there was a "fifth member of Kiss" award to be handed out, guitarist Bob Kulick would probably be the front-running recipient. Not only was he in the running to become the original lead guitarist for Kiss, but he has played (uncredited) on several Kiss releases over the years, and even eventually helped recruit his younger brother, Bruce Kulick, into the Kiss fold.

Bob was involved with a project called Skull, releasing one album in 1991 No Bones About It. In 1996 he released Murderer's Row with his band of the same name. This group included David Glen Eisley of "Giuffria" and "Dirty White Boy" on vocals. He also palyed on albums by Michael Bolton, Meatloaf and WASP.

In 1992 Bob teamed up with Graham Bonnet for Blackthorne. They only recorded one album titled "Afterlife".

Re-issue in 2016 by Cherry Red Records with 3 bonus tracks:

11. Afterlife (Unplugged - Sony Music TV Japan 1993)
12. We Won't Be Forgotten (Unplugged - Sony Music TV Japan 1993)
13. Rehearsal Reel ("Mates" Studio La Dec 16th 1993)(Tracks 11-13 Previously Unreleased)

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