Dangerous Games


1. It's My Life
2. Undercover
3. That Ain't Nothin'
4. No Imagination
5, Ohayo Tokyo
6. Dangerous Games
7. Blue Boar
8. Only One Woman
9. The Witchwood
10. Double Man
11. Night Of The Shooting Star

Line up:

Graham Bonnet - Vocals
Danny Johnson - Guitar
Gary Shea - Bass
Jan Uvena - Drums
Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards

Record Label / Year of Release:

EMI 1986


Dangerous Games was the third studio album released by Graham Bonnet's Alcatrazz. It has a Japanese influence and has strong and memorable melodies. Danny Johnson replaced Steve Vai on guitar. Recorded in American Recording Studios, Woodland Hills, California.

  • Re-released in 2011 by The Store For Music with live bonus tracks:

  • 12. Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live
    13. General Hospital
    14. Kree Nakoorie
    15. Island in the Sun
    16. Since You’ve Been Gone
    17. Hiroshima Mon Amour
    18. Suffer Me
    19. Desert Song
    20. Jet To Jet

    Recorded live at The Country Club, Reseda, California, 1984 featuring the original lineup with Yngwie Malmsteen on guitar.

  • Re-issue as "Dangerous Games: Expanded Edition" by Cherry Red Records in 2016 with different bonus tracks:

  • 12. Island In The Sun
    13. It's My Life
    14. Undercover
    15. God Blessed Video
    16. Double Man
    17. Wire And Wood
    18. Since You Been Gone
    19. All Night Long

    Unreleased live “audience” recording from Long Island, captured in November 1986 on the “Dangerous Games” tour.