Joe Lynn Turner

Audio Interview with Joe Lynn Turner by Julie Barela Mills

Just a couple of days after coming home to the States from a tour overseas, Joe Lynn Turner (Fandango, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Malmsteen, Solo, Mother's Army, Brazen Abbot, HTP, Rated X) spoke with me before his mini-tour that took him to Texas this past August. The phone interview was my first with the affable, always candid, legendary singer-songwriter and guitarist in 28 years (since he was a member of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force).

This 37-minute abridged version of the original phone interview (from August 15th) was essentially an in-depth conversation between a longtime fan and musician who (this year) is celebrating 40-plus years in the music business. It included topics ranging from the last time he appeared in Texas with the band, Over The Rainbow, to the 2016 CD releases of Street of Dreams - Boston 1985 from his solo career and the one from his many successful projects - Sunstorm, and his most recent in Edge of Tomorrow. The conversation then led to what inspired him to perform a benefit concert on August 21st for the families of the five fallen police officers who were ambushed in Dallas, Texas by a lone gunman this past July 7th. And ending with his message to us fans.

© Julie Barela Mills